Designed with pets in mind


Healthy & safe

Our PCO technology uses no harmful chemicals or ozone emissions to reduce odor.


No-fuss care

Easy set-up and filter-less design keep pet odor elimination simple.



Pet-friendly design and whisper-quiet motor discreetly fits in your pets' space.

Our innovative PCO technology catches pet odors before they spread


*The inhibition effect against one type of airborne bacteria and airborne viruses has
been verified in a test in an enclosed space of approximately 108 sq. ft.
Not effective against all bacteria and viruses.

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The Main Culprit of Pet Odors - Ammonia

Our in-house experiment shows that ammonia is lighter than air and tends to diffuse throughout the room as it floats up.


Our answer to pet odors is a wall mounted approach.

How to Mount QAIS-air- 04

QAIS-air- 04 in 2.5 min @CatCon2023
QAIS-air- 04: Smell Test Reactions
QAIS Air deodorizer and purifier specialized for pets

vs. the competition

Ozone generators are known to eliminate odors, but studies show that ozone emission may be harmful to the health of both humans and animals. QAIS-air-® products are certified by CARB (California Air Resource Board) for ozone emission standards, so you can safely place your air purifier by your pet’s bed, litter box or favorite spot without worry.

HEPA filters are said to remove 99.97% of airborne particles sized 0.3 microns or greater. But odor molecules are much smaller that (about 0.001 microns) which means that HEPA filters aren't actually very effective at combating smells. QAIS-air-® uses PCO technology that decomposes odor-causing compounds regardless of molecule size. Additionally, HEPA filters are more of a hassle, having to be cleaned or replaced regularly to keep up its performance. QAIS-air-® requires no maintenance or replacement of parts.

Air fresheners may cover up stinky smells, but they do not eliminate the compounds that create odors. Pets can be super sensitive, so the aerosol and strong fragrances may actually stress them out. QAIS-air-® eliminates odor by decomposing odor-causing compounds and does not emit any chemicals or strong smells.

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What pet owners are saying about QAIS-air-®

  • It's compact, but the deodorizing capabilities are amazing!

    "I felt wonderful when I left my dog at home on a rainy day with QAIS® on and the room closed. When I opened the front door when I came home, there was none of the usual bad smell! The deodorizing function is amazing for such a compact unit. It is also quiet and stress-free for both people and dogs."

  • The smell is gone!

    "We installed this in our dog room. The odor I was worried about was gone, and it was clean. It's the best air purifier I've ever purchased! Highly recommend!"

  • I was amazed at the compactness, quietness, and deodorizing power of QAIS®!

    "I like the fact that this air purifier doesn't need filters at all. I run a cat boarding facility, and I can confidently recommend this product to our customers."

  • Rapidly absorbs and neutralizes pet odor!

    "The pet smell has been drastically reduced! The pee smell that was bothering me is gone. The installation was quick and easy, thanks to the guide to help me decide where to place it. I am very satisfied with my purchase."