Pursuing Wellness, One Home at a Time

Pursuing Wellness, One Home at a Time

About Us

QAIS® cares deeply about superior air quality.
But more importantly, our priority is enhancing the well-being of people and their families, including pets.
We strive to offer air quality products that bring better quality of life to the forefront
by giving special attention to their safety, security, and comfort.

Our Story

QAIS® was originally created to address odor concerns in the medical and nursing care fields in Japan. Our intensive research provided us with the knowledge of what odors were particularly bothersome to nursing home residents and their families. This led us to develop our innovative odor-combating PCO (Photocatalysis Oxidation) technology that effectively deodorizes odors with no filters and hassle-free maintenance. 

Deodorizing and disinfecting indoor air is a baseline of what QAIS promises. We wanted to go beyond what ordinary air cleaners currently offer. In our product design, we placed families’ security, safety, and comfort at the heart of every decision. We based them on users’ experiences, pets’ behaviors, and patterns, along with consideration for their sensitivity to strong smells and loud sounds. QAIS cares deeply about superior air quality.

Our filterless air purifiers are perfect for homes, efficiently eliminating unwanted odors from medium-sized rooms while operating quietly in the background.

Learn about SUNSTAR's PCO core technology

QAIS-air-® products are powered by TMiP® and PiCTECH™, a special disinfection and deodorizing technology developed by SUNSTAR. Our products feature a photocatalyst which is a material that absorbs light. Applying UV light to the photocatalyst creates a chemical reaction that oxidizes and decomposes odor causing compounds and reduces odors without any chemicals such as ozone or chlorine. It also decomposes harmful organic compounds (such as bacteria and viruses) that are floating in the air. This technology requires no filters or loud motors to work.

Pet Odor: what HEPA filters can’t remove

HEPA Filters doesn’t capture odor substances*

HEPA Filters
doesn’t capture
odor substances*

Odor is composed of organic substances which is too small to capture with HEPA. Capturing odor does not lead to a fundamental solution.

*Not all HEPA filter is not able to capture odor substances.

QAIS-air-® Tech disinfects odor sustances at the source

QAIS-air-® Tech

disinfects odor


at the source

It is important to disinfect and deodorize from odor-causing substances. QAIS-air-® can provide peace of mind with crisp air.

QAIS® vs. other solutions

Ozone generators are known to eliminate odors, but studies show that ozone emission may be harmful to the health of both humans and animals. QAIS-air-® products are certified by CARB (California Air Resource Board) for strict ozone emission standards, so you can safely place your air purifier by your pet’s bed, litter box or favorite spot without worry.

HEPA filters are said to remove 99.97% of airborne particles sized 0.3 microns or greater. But odor molecules are much smaller that (about 0.001 microns) which means that HEPA filters aren't actually very effective at combating smells. QAIS-air-® uses PCO technology that decomposes odor-causing compounds regardless of molecule size. Additionally, HEPA filters are more of a hassle, having to be cleaned or replaced regularly to keep up its performance. QAIS-air-® requires no maintenance or replacement of parts.

Air fresheners may cover up stinky smells, but they do not eliminate the compounds that create odors. Pets can be super sensitive, so the aerosol and strong aromas may actually stress them out. QAIS-air-® eliminates odor by decomposing odor-causing compounds and does not emit any chemicals or strong smells.