Proven Performance: How QAIS-air-04 Outsmarts Pet Odors in Scientific Testing

Proven Performance: How QAIS-air-04 Outsmarts Pet Odors in Scientific Testing

We're always excited to share how our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet your needs. Recently, the QAIS-air-04 underwent comprehensive laboratory testing at Sunstar’s specialized facility, and the results are in — our approach to air purification isn't just innovative; it's scientifically superior, especially when it comes to combating common pet odors like ammonia.

Understanding Ammonia in Pet Environments

Ammonia, is a major component of pet odors especially in cat litter. It is lighter than air, causing it to rise and disperse upwards rather than settle. This characteristic makes it challenging to manage and eliminate. Traditional air purifiers placed at ground level or far from the source often fail to capture this rising odor efficiently.

How We Tested QAIS-air-04

In our controlled laboratory environment, we simulated a common pet odor scenario: ammonia from cat litter. We placed 2 cc of ammonia in a petri dish and then installed the QAIS-air-04 at strategic locations — 1.97 feet to the side and 1.97 feet above the source. We also placed the device directly above the source at 23.6 inches and compared the results with having no device at all.

The Revealing Results

Here’s what we found:

  • Without any air purifying device: The ammonia concentration reached a perceptible level of 1.5 ppm within 100 seconds, spreading radially from the source.
  • With QAIS-air-04 placed to the side: It took about 200 seconds for the ammonia levels to exceed the threshold of human perception, but once they did, they remained above this threshold for up to 1200 seconds, indicating inefficient capture and significant room dispersion.
  • With QAIS-air-04 directly above the source: The QAIS-air-04 significantly delayed the spread of odors, maintaining ammonia levels below the perception threshold for up to 300 seconds, demonstrating highly efficient capture and containment.


Why Placement Matters

These results highlight the critical importance of placement in air purification, especially for pet owners. By installing the QAIS-air-04 directly above the odor source, it efficiently captures and neutralizes ammonia before it has a chance to spread, ensuring your home remains fresh and odor-free.

Flexible Installation Options

The QAIS-air-04 offers versatile installation options to suit your needs:

  • Wall-Mounted Approach: Unlike conventional air purifiers, our innovative design can be wall-mounted directly above your cat's litter box, intercepting odors at the source before they spread throughout your home. Each QAIS-air-04 comes with a wall mount kit.

  • Floor Stand Option: Having trouble mounting the QAIS-air-04 on the wall? Not an issue! This stand is designed exclusively for the SUNSTAR QAIS-air-04. Its adjustable height feature allows for versatile placement options - inside or outside the cage, by the window, or under the stairs. It's the ultimate smart and space-saving solution for all. 

Conclusion: A Smarter Solution for Pet Owners

The QAIS-air-04 isn’t just another air purifier. It’s a thoughtfully designed solution tailored to address the specific challenges pet owners face. Its proven ability to control and eliminate odors effectively makes it an essential addition to any pet-friendly home.

With the QAIS-air-04, breathe easier knowing that your air purifier is scientifically proven to keep your home fresh and your pets happy.



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